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Mayakoba Golf Classic – Chaff-Stik

To be Honest with you all, my mind has been crazy this week with my son set to be induced tomorrow 7am. But I have done some homework that I think you all will still appreciate.

So the Mayakoba Golf Classic, is played at El Cameleon Golf club, a beautiful slice of heaven , but a bit of weather this week should keep scores low. Normal Cut top 65 and ties, and this course has historically been a second shot golf course.

I’m rea;;y going to weigh more weight on past performance and history on the course, for 2021 slates, and I’m starting this week. Which drew my eyes to English/Ancer/Fowler. Shocking, I know, English has played here 4 times, last two times was 68th & 5th. Ancer has one MC, in 2016, and has steadily increaded finsihing positions with 2 top 10’s in the last 4 years. Fowler, oh man, Fowler, been a real thorn in the ass as of late, but in the 2 starts he has here , he has accummulated a 2nd, and T-16th.

Moving down the list is where you will find previous winners in the field. Our Boy the ToddFather won here last year, KUUUCH the year before in 2018, Kizzire in 2017, Perez 2016.

Some Notables- Ortiz t2 last year

Billy Ho – top 10 last year

Dahmen- t6 last year

CH3- only 1 MC all time here, top 20’s or better 4 of 5 years

Reavie- Great course history has not MC last 5 years

Perez- Consecutive top 10’s 19/18

Garnett- t25 or better in 4 starts here

Spaun – Besides last year 3rd-14th-28th

Crazy isnt it? Some good form and history at this even on some low owned, not to sexy of guys, that could be a slate breaker….. And a handful not mentioned in the reports I have read in my own research…

Of course, I love Brooks, and will have some, But really, with everything we know this week I am tilting over to JT over Brooks. And thats really difficult for me to type out, but its where I am at as of right now. There are just too many ranking of #1 that Jt owns the field on comparative to any other golfer , and what ever stat model I look at… Its un real, JT, He is also #1 in the ones that matter, SG Total, T2G, and DK Points. All systems go there. And he has been down there playign with rickie for a week or so, so he is acclimated and ready. and lets be honest, he owes us a 100 point week. He is a lock for me. But have no fear, I have about 25% Brooks as it sits right now. If you stack them both, leaves you 6900, you can make it happen, but wouldnt go too crazy there.


Homa 6800

Percy 6400

Stricker 6400

Hubbard 6800

RCB 6900

Norlander 7k

Schniederjans 7100

Stanley 7100- Great tournament a few weeks ago.

Hadwin 7200


McCarthy 7400

All guys that should be priced higher than they are

Darts- Kraft- Perez-Villegas- Gibson-DA Points-Ryder-Seiffert-Baker

Core 4





All 4 of these guys are great putters and ball strikers, and should make the cut. Seems everyweek that the course is shorter, and turns into a putting contest, these guys always show up ready to rock and roll. This will leave you 8,050 to play with , stay balanced, or pay up pay down. I like Dahmen CH3 there for a solid 6/6 when they all make the cut.

If you need me reach out anytime, except tomorrow, My son shall enter the world!!!!


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