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Saturday/ Sunday notes – NFL slate DK Mish mosh notes from the week.

Aaron Rodgers: Third MVP award would definitely mean a lot

Throughout the week between reading articles and listening to Xm fantasy sports radio, here’s my notes and research for this weeks NFL slates that should help us crush this week. Yes it’s a hot mess, but reach out if you need us to clarify anything.

if you need any further info or help this week , reach out anytime!





Facing from top to bottom 





Worst cornerbacks in the NFL 

Their counter parts and QBS should do well as well as them. 

Pick and choose and stack 

Throw robinson in that mix as well, Miller too, for a dart. 

Tomorrow packers v panthers 

Panthers are absolute trash ass honkies against qb wr TE , been better over past few weeks against rbs 

Dont be scared of jamawful Williams… or Jones, but it’s hard to get them all… so be smart , make your lineups tell a story 

But packers by 10 

Buffalo – only guy I really trust is diggs / Allen but darts- moss / Beasley 

Rodgers over Allen do scoring 

Davis / Anderson Carolina 

Gordon / Patrick Robinson Denver 

Minshew back- chark upgrade Robinson upgrade 

Mclaurin against Seattle 

With Haskins in, mclaurin attempts go up 


Jets suck worst Overall cbs 

Goff and company fade run game – but throw a couple darts at Akers…. just in case 

Pat mahomes against saints 

Saints play man to make can’t matchup against hill and company 

Lamar theory – will explain over phone fade ravens if you have too, dobbins/ Andrew’s pool for Baltimore … game theory fade 

Henry – Taylor kamara every lineup you can…. must start elite RBS 


If you need anything at all reach out over any platform, and good luck! 

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