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First Look Bristol Dirt – Chaff

Its finally here, Bristol Dirt Baby! With pricing out I just wanted to give a few notes that already are on my mind.


I think DK weighed heavy on dirt experience with pricing, but do believe a cup regular , that is a wheelman, can still accomplish a good finish, I do believe the drivers with ELITE dirt experience IE: Chili Bowl, WoO, and a regular in dirt, (Not JUST, in the past few months) driver will take the crown.

Larson won 62 of 67 Dirt events last year in his time away from Cup series racing, and has won everything under the sun before that, he led 97% of laps in those 67 races…… ELITE

Bell- Elite , multiple time chili bowl champion, and can race literally anything on dirt, unreal how special this guy really is, you have to pay up for Bell and larson, but these are the guys that are going to dominate DK points especially fastest laps…… Oh yeah, hes pretty fucking good in cup cars too….

Reddick- Not only a vast trophy load in Dirt series racing over his lifetime, but back to back xfinity champ, and so close to breaking through on the cup level. Look for him and the above mentioned drivers to be high wide and handsome come race day. He can definitely win this race, but he has to pas bell and Larson to do so.

Stenhouse- Look before nascar and into his tenure in top series racing, everyone go to chalk notes on ricky is dirt racer, being overlooked this week and running well all year, look for his dirt experience, which is on an elite level to shine this week, but they dont call him wrecky stenhouse for nothing, and at this price tag, he better not be the bull in the china shop this week. But you Cannot count him out, statistically his best start of a year in cup to date, he will have all the pieces to pull this off.

Briscoe- You know I love my boy, and I will have some lines with him, but really leaning to the others in this price range, to dominate being seasoned drivers in cup, but Briscoe is a stud and wheelman and could very well right the ship this week , but I am hesitant…. But not stupid, you have to have a few, take bell / Larson out of a few stacks and run them down with Briscoe. Just in case.

Dillon Brothers- Remember the first Eldora Truck race on dirt? The mudsummer classic? Well austin dillon took that trophy home, and just won the other night in his dirt latemodel …. at bristol in the dirt nationals, these boys love Dirt and really undertsnad how it all works, and what you need to do, Now Austin having a great year, is in much better equiptment, but we dont know if that will matter until friday and saturday heats and practice…… But Ty dillon is s supreme value when it comes to a guys hwo knows cup cars, and dirt racing, and bristol…. seems like a slam dunk. These two guys I see in the top 10 by end of race time.

Friesen- In the 77 Spire car this week, I see freisen getting a top 10 and so does vegas, giving even money for a top 10. Cup series step up in all facets is tough, but with pit road being the way it is he wont lose any spots on pit road and if he can be there at the end, I would be worried to see him in my rearview. But thats the key, we will see how practice goes, and heat races, but friesen is one of the best canadian dirt racers, and truck series regular you have to take account of this week.

Elliot / Kyle Busch- Both love bristol, both race dirt, both are wheelmen , These guys are value this week and both running dirt nationals at Bristol all week , and doing dam well. Latemodels although dirt specific vehicles are as close as you can get to a cup car, and these guys ran very well this week, Kyle winning the B main, and chase the A Main. here are two great examples of cup regulars who can outright this race and spoil the larson bell party.

Wallace- Has quite the history on dirt, eldora truck win, and surprisingly well on the clay. I will definately have some bubba, and he has to be licking his chops knowing he may have a slight advantage on most of thei field. I dont think he will gather too many dominator points, but may sneak into a winning lineup.

Blaney- Grew up the son of Dave blaney one of the best northeast dirt sprint drivers, in Ohio, and I know he can definately drive a dirt car, lets wait until friday and saturday before we dial in blaney

Bowman- May be the most underpriced value on the slate besides Newman and Yeley, but Bowman runs the chili bowl regularly, and owns his own dirt team….. and hes sitting at 7700, do your self a favor and google / youtube alex bowman driving a sprint car…. you’ll shit yourself when you realize you can have that talent at 7700 this week in the bristol dirt race…. Here is your sleeper folks, I hope you read this far down…. LOL!

Newman- The rocket man loves him some dirt, and has raced a bunch at eldora in the truck series, including an epic battle between himself and larson… god what a race, newman is a lock for me this week like Bowman, wheelman, dirt vet, and can absolutely get us a top 10 no doubt.

Yeley- Heres a fun fact for your asses,

His championships in all three of USAC’s top divisions in 2003 made him only the second driver, after Tony Stewart in 1995, to achieve the “Triple Crown” in a single season. Stewart was the owner of the Sprint and Silver Crown cars in Yeley’s 2003 season; the Midget which Yeley drove in 2003,  No. 9, had been driven by Stewart in 1995.

Yeley scored 24 USAC wins in his 2003 season, breaking the previous record of 19 set by A. J. Foyt in 1961.

So yeah, have some Yeley…… Dude also raced indy as well, and versed in so many facets of racing….. stud!

Those are my intial thoughts and player pool for cup, we will have more info out as the week progresses……. ITS BRISTOL>>>>>>DIRT BABY!!!!!

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