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Winning the NASCAR Cup championship was only a matter of time for Chase Elliott

Its that time of the year boys and girls! Ready to get after it? We sure are, and have been gameplanning this race and season with all we’ve got!

We have some exciting things coming up this year, so if you are reading this, we love you and we live fantasy! especially nascar!

So this years clash is different, but the good news is we have some research, on the Daytona Road Course which for the first time the Clash will be held.

21 cars

35 laps with a stage break after 15.

Treat this like a NFL Showdown, or all star race set up, points will be tight from the cash line, and victory of a lobby, so be smart and precise and different with your lines.

One thing I noticed with this years clash, and new season, in this race alone, out of the 21 drivers, 4 have new pairings or new rides for this year.

Kyle bush has ben besheer now as crew chief and they have worked together in the xfinity program. Doesnt scare me.

Erik Jones, now in the 43, love this move , I have 43 > 23 for the entirety of the season.

Ty dillon will be driving the 23 car for 23XI racing for the clash, great suicide one and done pic , fighting for his future career…. should ball out, and provide value at his price.

Alex Bowman- Now in the 48, not to big of a change for him , but a change none the less, underrated road course driver.

Personally, Im starting every lineup for this week, with Chase and MTJ, locking those two in. They are the best at road courses.

Fading hamlin/harvick

And I love Kyle busch this week, he was driving his tail off last time they were here, and blew the rear brakes. Look for him to have a big season this year starting at the clash.

His brother is no slouch either… and always low owned….

Blaney starting from the poll could get some great dominator points, if he can out run bowman the first lap, track position will be key in the short clash race, and I really like blaney / bowman to get out and lead the first 15.

Favorite low end play this week is Buescher, and the starting spot will scare alot of people away, but he can hang, and thats all we need him to do this week to score points and be a great leverage play!

Chaff Core 4





Roll tide

If you want to take the chalk elliot out of there, I understand, and totally get it, MTJ wont get the points until the end, when he makes it up front, but just know, that he will be coming!

PSSSS PSSSSSS go a dillon, blaney……. take down a lobby with the core!

Byron = Low owned leverage play as well…………..

Unless you are a degenerate like me, I would stick to 50/50 double up lobbies this week, since its a minimal field, and close points, and maybe some duped lineup causing you to not cash as hard as you probably should, but who am i to judge?


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