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WGC at The Concession

Well, pretty dam cool the greatest players in the world are 10 minutes from my home here in Manatee County, at one of the toughest courses I have played in My lifetime. You can spray it a little off the tee, but the green complexes will really bust you if you’re not careful. The last Time I played was casual game with friends, and on 18, we were downwind and still had over 200 yards into the green. A beast of a finishing hole.

Bryson won the amateurs’ championship here back in 2015, but PGA or WGC has never been to this course before, so try to stick with solid bermuda players and putters, or go with Florida heavy Golfers….

Guys who live, and train in florida – I know there is alot, but the morale here is with the grain, trends, and “Just another FL golf course” although this one is ELITE in many ways…. Think of Innisbrooks meets Bay hill, but designed by Jack. LOL

Course will be Playing 7,474 yards and 12 on the greenspeeds (Stimpmeter) , But the par 5’s play tough, for me personally it was the par 3’s that kicked my ass, and 18, being a long par 4 , that if into the wind, can be a bear, and with no history here, hard to gauge how low they can go…. but these guys are the best, and have been practicing all week should be a hell of a show!

Tough slate to break, but this week i’m planting my flag into true value, and a slate like this, you see the guys right away, and in a no cut event, you can really let it rip.

Guys I believe are below true value, and I’m Playing


These guys will all exceed value this week, and if you make this field, you have your stuff together , but down low, is where im at.

English-Rose-BZ-Kokrak-Kisner are in the mid range 7’s all have huge upside , especially english and rose.

8k Range I didnt really find the “Value” , but Scheffler can go low at anytime, Willy Z has been on fire along with Niemann, Fitz, last weeks winner Homa, and cam smith.

Dont be surprised if sung jae shows up this week, he is due and plays dam good golf in Florida.

My winner this week is in the 9k range and thats Brooks Koepka , a florida based golfer that has played his college and training here in the sunshine state. This time last year he was 144th in putting, and today is 25th, the game is always solid, and he likes these elite events. Your winner , Brooksie Poo.

Webb is the true value here, a great bermuda player, that can putt up 100 real quick, and Hatton. Hatton can be that real upset, and drop 100 points like he has done so much, even when hes bad, hes really good.

Finau- can he close the deal, broke alot of hearts last week, but average finishing position is well inside the top 10, if you think he can break through this week go for it. Im not all in there, but can see it …. I can see it.

See above for bryson- But if your lazy, he won the amatuer championship here before, not much changes since, he can putt here, and you know he has a notebook……. and probably watched that video 100 times….

JT in no cut events is pretty dam solid, been seeing alot of money bet on him in my cirlces, and for good reason. Another florida based golfer ….. Like JT this week.

DJ- my god, the dude is on fire, unreal how good the number 1 player in the world is playing and continues on, you can pay up this week for dj, stack him with another stud , and grab griffin , and EVR down low to even it out.

I rank the 10k up as follows-







If you wanna roll core 4 – Here is who I have the most of





Leaves you 9600 to roll with, and I like those odds. If you go balanced its endless, If you go DJ its wolf down, which is fire as well.

Good luck, if anyone finds any friends and family for tickets. Please let me know!

PS- Westwood just won the race to dubai, and is a florida golfer for over 20 years in Jupiter. I think he is the truest of values this week, and has been there done that…… Giddy up

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