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US OPEN – Core & Plays


This week guys, we have to be ready for high scores and Lost balls. Stop looking between your legs yours are still there, and if they aren’t my apologies for a rude joke, or if a woman is reading this.

Any way heres the deal, I have been prepping and reading and scrolling all morning, and every video or photo ive seen shared from Winged foot is brutal!!!

Balls missing, search parties, and putting on what looks to be the purest granite ever seen…. So be ready.

If I were to cpmpare this course to recent courses I would say that the BMW Championship would be pretty close here, the only difference is that this is now a full fled major with a lot more entries on the docket.

Greens look to be rolling at minimum 12 unconfirmed as of writing this, but pure, so if you roll it well it should stay pretty true to the line. But placement, and being “below” the hole being premium. Pay attention to who plays the hardest courses the best for success this week.

I believe that there is no overpowering the course this week, but it will definitely help being longer. Shorter irons equals more spin and control coming into cement greens and Major championship pin locations.

Tiger & DJ Quoted today 9/15/2020 That this is the “toughest course they have played” Refer to BMW Champ for toughness.

There is a lot of value this week in DK pricing, and OWGR, whuch will help us find the value plays for the week to squeak stud into your lineups. At quick glance

Poston seems to be the lowest priced guy I would put in a line, followed by, jones, long, weresnki, Dahmen, homa, and our BOY GRIFFIN!!! (someone give this man some love here!!!!) But we will take the pricing FOR SURE!! But be careful this course can eat you up and chew you and spit you out.

Next sleeper pick, after his win at the 3M open Michael Thompson was quoted “winged foot is my favorite golf course and my game really sets up well there, im so happy to be in the US open and able to play there this year” Ill take that, and surely run with it.

I think its safe to assume to hammer the 7-8k range here this week but some guys in particular I like this week are










I really find hovlands value incredible, 4th in DK points the last 3 months, at 8k. That’s a steal! Can he do it in his first US Open though? I think so, hes definitely a cut maker.

7k range






Favortie play- Phill the thrill. I know Ive said this on repaeat, but go ahead and Youtube phils collapse here 15 years ago, its dreadful and he wants redemption. Don’t forget about poulter/Im/Kim though guys are severely underpriced.

Up top only 4 names I like honestly DJ/JT/Rory/Cantlay- I know I know, how could you not like the other guys? I do, but I feel like these 4 will outscore and outpace all of the others, in this difficult set up.

DJ- has figured out putting and wedges, hes had everything else for years.

JT- even when hes playing bad, hes surprisingly good, and Will have it all worked out this week

Rory- well hes rory , and not the most xpensive player on the slate, and could easily be the only one under par this week.

Cantlay – Cue up BMW Footage it seems the harder the course the better he plays. Fire him up.

Core 4 Plays for me this week





4 great core plays all undervalued and leaving you a whopping 10k to play with with your last 2 spots. You can pretty much do everything there, so eat your heart out.

More to come tomorrow- Stay tuned.

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