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TPC SAWGRASS- The Players Championship

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TPC SAWGRASS- Players Champ

Last year was a heartbreaker in many facets, and we all had no clue just how seriously different our years would be from there to present time. 

It was unreal, brooks 4% owned, matsuyama shot an opening round -9 , Rory is technically the past champion, unreal….. 

If you are reading this and don’t know what this weeks even is or the golf course, god bless you, this tournament is known as the 5th major and held at TPC sawgrass, in Ponte Verde  beach, and is the third tournament in a row on the pga tour with a stellar field, this one being the strongest and largest, and third course in a row I’ve had the honor to play. You gotta be in the fair way, handle a putter and crush on approach. Duh, but seriously, you need to look at those items this week. We want the sharp shooter that can go low. 

Which we can definitely accomplish, with being such a strong field, there is value across the board, like a 9900 JT. 

I saved all my screenshots in hopes that they would re play this at one point this year and kind of amazing to think I can still play a lot of these guys but man, prices have changed, ownership will change, but cool to see who did what. And man we were looking good. 

Too bad brooks won’t be in the field this week, he was a lock of mine, and well you guys know my love for brooks. 

Take a look 


One fun fact of the week: if you look at top players -all time DK points , you can actually fit all of them in your lineup… might be a fun one to compare to the rest of your lineups. 


Ok so this weeks plan for the players , being the strongest and deepest field, I think you can nail balanced builds while not having to touch the 6k mark at all, a good strategy I believe to nail a 6/6 

For instance , if you go English /ancer, two guys that are the lowest priced in a month or two, that leaves you 8750 , to go really studly , hatton/Scott , and just slam away, and feel really really good about your lineup. 

The only guys in touching below 7k are as follows , and very very minimal exposure : 

Harrington/Ghim/werenski/Munoz / Bradley/harman/Perez 

7k range stacked with talent hammering – English-ancer- Griffin- kim- Burns -an -fleetwood – smith severely undervalued 

Hammering the 8k range : all in that range to build balance least exposure to Casey/fitz- most to hatton/matsu/Scott 

9k- fucking juicy as shit- I love all of these guys , and hammering away- 

Favorites – Simpson down stacks – into low 7k range of player pool above , but I am Fallon in love with JT at 9900, just seems like such good value for a true outright and runaway with this thing .doesn’t it? I think bRYsOn can be neutralized this week with the more sharpshooter, butt it’s BRYsOn man, dude is slinging it out there, but if I had to bet a head to head I would lean JT with confidence and probably the juice. 

The elite tier this week- 4 guys above 10 k and to get two of them leaves you in the 6 k range, if you find yourself with these studs , and staring lines, here is my ranking. 





this week was tough, because I think Xander wins this thing, or comes dam close, but Rory figured out the driver , and DJ is the 1 player in the world , and playing his balls off in tough tournaments he has experience on. Rahm too can go out in tough conditions and tough fields and lap the field, but I need to see him and callaway go out there and show me he has it figured out, before only serious lines on rahm, and if you know me, fading rahm is my favorite thing to do, and really only hurt me twice last year. I honestly can’t recommend outright fading any of these players, they are all very strong consistent guys that have proven time in and time out they are THE GUYS, but, when you can fit 5-6 THE guys at value down below , it’s hard to go crazy up here. 

Core 4 – 





Leaves you 8900 to stay balanced or go up / down 

Favorite combo there is Simpson/IM , but honestly , I don’t think you can go wrong, another sleeper lineup there 

Scott / Simpson Scott / BRYsOn JT / CAM smith , and players surrounding them . 

Don’t forget fleetwood / spieth / Fowler / Reed / finau 

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