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Player Pool ZOZO as of Tuesday 10/20 40 Lines

Hey Gang, So this week is similar to last, Minimal (for this week ) outdated course history, But we have some none the less, Thanks to @Bamfordgolf for sharing these stats on Sherwood Scoring average (World Challenge)

  1. Tiger 68.46
  2. Phil 69.5
  3. Rors 70.63
  4. Fowler 70.75
  5. Casey 70.79
  6. Webb 71
  7. Bubba 71.25
  8. Kuchar 71.38 (Now in Field)
  9. Woodland 72
  10. Day 72.02 (Neck issues BEWARE)

I found that to be very interesting, Tiger of course, but recent play has really scared alot of people including Tiger Truthers like myself, but dont you worry, I’m still going to be wearing red this week and have tiger in some lines. The lineups so far that I have constrcuted primarily consist of English-Griffin-Todd, With english and Griffin in over half of my 40 lines built right now in the .50 Mini max lobby on DK, with Todd rearing his head into 14 of them. ( I am building more lineups)

English is a very easy sell, but to sum it up, 8th in DK Points the past 2 months, on some very tough courses, and ranks 6th in SG Total…… all for the price of 8,800$ which just seems downright bank robbery. The thing I like most about him this week, is the overall game, worst ranking in this field is 30th, and thats off the tee.

Griffin, calling all Griffin truthers, this is our week! Did you even watch last week? Our boy who STILL is getting no love on DK pricing balled out, and scored major points for us coming down the stretch. Stubmled a little on Sunday, but his approach and iron game looked surreal. Cat is a little out of the bag this week, and ownership may creep to double digits, but for 7k on DK, this is TRUE VALUE. 17th Ranked putting, 9th best on approach, and 28th SG Total, with a bad week 2 weeks ago, I cant wait to see where he is ranked after this weeks tournament. Oh and dont forget, this guy was in the Tour Championship a few weeks back….. Top 30 Golfer….

Todd another guy who can legitimately win this tournament, sitting at 7k. The last time we were in the golden state, he played very well, on a very difficult golf course. The putting still looks great 2nd ranked past 2 months and he has been steady eddy, with a side of going low when you need it. When you stack these 3 golfers, you can really go to town.

Now consider this, all three of these players, should all be priced higher than where they sit now, so lets pounce on this opportunity, while we can, to me English should be 9400, Griffin 7800, todd 7400, So i see Extreme value , on these golfers right here.

Notable Value- Higgs, Chubbard, Hoge, Hughes, Hadwin, Connors, Streelman, Spieth, Gooch.

Moving up into 7k range here Spieth-Mickelson is real juicy, I have all of those players starred and will play them in the .50 mini max, Skip day throw a couple darts at fowler, then run that train player pool up to Hovland, skipping fitzpatrick. And then thomas through reed.

JT—>REED is my high end player pool this week, with some darts on X, Listen I like Xander this week, and I will have some, especially with the value down low to go to town with, but im going to try and find the winner in the 10600-9600 range this week, maybe get a duo to run 1-2 and outscore Xander this week, Can we do it?

I think so, Im really liking my reed/thomas Thomas/Mcilroy stacks this week, and if you pair JT/RORY/GRIFFIN/TODD together that will leave you in that 7k range to run wild with it. One of my favorties was scott and run the top down method from there.

If you go Xander there, try to get one or two down low after him and pepper the balanced lines and try to get english in there. It looks VERY NICE!

Core 4 – This week –





this will leave you with 8300 our staring point , and a good point to stay balanced or pay up pay down

Balanced wise I Like the fill in of

Ancer/watson Ancer/fleetwood scott/niemann

Pay up , pay down

I really like reed/spieth – Hovland/Hoerschel

Top 10 list to come – It will be based off past 2 months

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