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The Masters – November                                                                                                                                

Well Guys, ITS OFFICIALLY HERE! The masters in NOVember! The pictures are flowing in, and I’m loving the rah rah and propaganda videos and content rolling in from all Golf sources. It’s too bad spectators can’t be there, I would love to see the Color changes and season” At Augusta. But let’s move on.

The Greatest thing about the Masters, Besides the merch and food, is that for DFS Purposes, this tournament has a ton of rich history, trends, and data that we can compile with this DK Field.

I have been doing a lot of homework this week, and there is a glaringly one player that is rocking social media and writers across the sport. Bryson Dechambeau. Apparently through my readings, he is at 205 MPH ball speed and able to carry , with the right conditions 400+ Yards with his new 48’ driver…. That’s unreal, He was 30 yards off #1 after his drive, had wedge into 11, 135 into the 13th, and absolutely breaking Augusta apart at the seams…… If you have watched or been in the golf realm, you would realize that these kind of numbers are unheard of when It comes to Augusta, and the masters , and we need to seriously consider this and Bryson into account when building lines this week. Could be 2 Majors in a row for him, if he can put it all together…. Oh and by the way,,,, dude is solid on Bent Grass, and putting, two keys for Augusta.

Augusta National has tweaked the Cut requirements for this years Masters, to instead of “within 10 strokes of the leader” it will now be the top 50 players and ties. What does this mean for you? Well if you can nail a 6/6 you will more than likely be heavy into the green, especially if you have the outright, but also, if you do wind up with a 5/6 and have a few guys in the top 5/top 10, you should still be competing. I think its amute point, with more of the lobby not making the full 6/6 comparatively, it should all wash the same.

But lets try to trim the fat, stick with Core guys good at Augusta… and rock and roll.  

Narrative street…….

Rory going for grand slam, needs Masters to seal the deal…

Tiger Back to back Masters….Only one missed cute EVER at Augusta National

Sergio/Niemann- OUT

Bones may be on the bag for Jimmy Walker….

Spieth Roller coaster…..

Honestly, I can make a case and be sold on anyone above the 9k mark on Draftkings. Everyone up here deserves to be up here in pricing and ownership.

Big Daddy Bryson- Should probabaly be in everyone one of your lines, but if you want to be different, its not everyday you can get DJ, X, JT, etc under valued the way they are… History tells you Rory, DJ, Brooks, X, there, which is why I had such a hard time just clicking Bryson everytime, but you can definitely make due with a duo stack up at the top , and find value below.

My Favorite, here is Brooks / Bryson, this Narrative has been on my mind since august, with the pokes and shade thrown towards eachother over social media… and would honestly love to see it play out at Augusta for the green jacket…. Both guys coming in on top of their games, and ripe. Both been there done that at Augusta too…. You’ve been warned….

Im going to have shares of everyone above 9k, more havily in favor of Brooks/Bryson, but another guy that has been drawing me too is Rory/Xander. Rory, if you have watched the masters in the past, blew a lead here many moons ago, and believe me when I say, if you lose a ball to the left of #10, it’s a really really really bad shot… needs a green jacket to complete the Grand Slam of golf, with all four majors, and the game sets up so dam good for Augusta, I never want to count rors out. Xander is Xander, arguably one of the most sharpest tools in the PGA Shed and if he were a Madden Character would be 95’s across the board, and honestly I cant find a weakness in his game.

Rahm- I would be a fucking idiot to tell you NOT to play Rahm, as he harnesses his inner SEVE this week, But is also my favorite fade as always. His game sets up nicely here, and he will make the cut no doubt, but I will have 0 Rahm this week and live/die by that sword…. not this year anyway… but… he could win LOL!

DJ- Great history here, elite ball striking and putting over the façade of 2020, and covid era. Please for the love of god, don’t go into this week without having some DJ.

Cantlay-  Your sleeper of the week, plays tough courses very well, and doesn’t make mistakes, probably the lowest owned in the Above 9k range this week.

Morikawa – Im a little light on Collin this week, but don’t count him out. ELITE Talent

Hatton- We have all got to eat because of Hatton, listen hes not popping on any of my models Via FNGC, and is flying under the radar this week across social media, Don’t be surprised if you see this guy with the first round lead at Augusta. His ball striking iron play and putting has been no Joke this year. He is green Jacket worthy for sure.

Simpson- when he is on, its 100 points, for a guy who is 9300 and that we have played all year in the 10k range, Id giddy up on simpson

Reed- Masters champion – always ready to-go in big events, him and Xander are truly the best VALUES on the board, and could be 1-2 no doubt. Guys gets up and down from everywhere, and putts his brains out….. and has made clutch putts over the years especially when he put on the green jacket…. Geaorgia native……

Tigger- Last years champ has been given a lot of shit this year and week with his pricing with everyone saying he is “Overpriced” The best player in the world…. And at Augusta … “Overpriced” that’s hilarious TBH, lets get fucking real… Tiger at Augusta is a no brainer, if you can squeeze him into your lines I highly recommend it, this is truly the only major course, where it is still pretty goddam attainable yardage and consistency wise for ole tigger. I will be of course going back tot his well heavily, and setting some great balanced lines with Tigger in them, Only 1 missed cut in HIS LIFETIME at augusta, and I’m sure will go down in history as THE GOAT not only in PGA but at Augusta. Who knows how much longer we can witness history, get it while you can.

Watson- Master champ- and one of the greatest to shape it around Augusta National, The putter and irons have been great, and one of the best lag putters on tour. He loves history and all that the Masters has to offer, a big key for bubba is comfort with the way he plays, there isn’t a shot he cant hit out here and thrives on bent Grass. A great pick for this years Masters.

8K Ranges Faves-







All these guys have played here plenty and have great YoY Consistency at Augusta. All great Plays to fit in… If you want to get fancy you can throw a fleetwod in there, or all of these guys for a pure balanced builds for a chance at a 6/6 cut maker line….. 3 of those guys can realistically win this tournament..

7k Range is juicy this week, and surprisingly the winners of the past few events have come out of this range for regular tour stops but this isn’t a regular tour stop.

7k Range JUICE

OOSTY- Check the tape…. Multiple seconds in majors, and great augusta records… lock it in

Scheffler- Can go low, tread lightly though

ROSE!!!! Everywhere I look for research I find ROSE EVERYWHERE!!! Talk about elite, masterclass player, his resume screams pick me pick me!!! And I will at this value….

Fitz- I fucking hate this guy, but top 20’s all over the place at Augusta, Truly was shocking to see… have too…

Phil- It’s a heart play this week, ole lefty knows how to get around this place and what he needs to do, I will have some phil, but please be careful here….. PLEASE

Ancer- tread lightly, but the stats im looking at should favor ABE this week, Im not going crazy, but I ran a train of Ancer lines last night.

Woodland- Jesus man, I guess, but lets not go crazy here.





Don’t like anyone else here…. Besides POULTER- EXTREME VALUE ON POULTER THIS WEEK almost feels too good to be true, but im all in on poulter at 7k.

SUB 7K VALUE in order


EVR- 26th ranked player in the world BTW under 7k…..

Wallace- Guy gets up and down from everywhere, a great maestro

Si woo


ZJ- Masters champ

MOLINARI—another great sleeper of the week

Griffin- You know I love my boy, and will have some this week no doubt, but I really really don’t like first timers at Augusta….. But yes daddy giddy up









Heart picks-





Core 4 – Augusta





4 guys who can really git r dun for us this week, and all in great form heading into it. This leaves you 7800 to go crazy with,

Now , I really don’t have an issue with the double stack up top here, I really like DJ/Brooks or Bryson Brooks then you have to find the value to make up for it, and its juicy in the 7 & 8k range so go wild with it. Use these players as your player pool and dive into the news and notes I am sharing along the site at and lets rock this thing

Winner- Brooks

Favorite play- Poulter

Guy Im fading – Rahm

Guy Im playing that you shouldn’t- Molinari

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