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Masters 2020: Tiger Woods, Jordan Spieth lead golfers with the best command of Augusta National

HAPPY MASTERS WEEK! Guys it’s been so long, the first time I got to go to the masters I just laid face down in the grass for an hour and soaked it all in. Patrons would pass Zach and I asking if I was ok, I just responded, “give me a pimento cheese sandwich and an Arnold Palmer and leave me alone with history.” After I wallowed imagine the grass, and made a grass angel, I got to walk all 18 holes, and I promise there is nothing else like it. Did you know, that there is so much elevation change you can’t see on tv, that from the highest point of Augusta National, to the lowest valley, is greater than the height of Niagara Falls? That was something so surreal even a golf vet like me had a hard time understanding, until I saw it in person. Below are some stats I’m using this week to prepare my lineups for this years Masters. More to come. But make sure you realize the history, there is no other Augusta. So stop trying to compare it to anything, just go with the plethora of course history we have. ✌🏼

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