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Honda….. Classic , man

This week the florida swing continues with a trip south to PGA National. Featuring the Bear Trap. A tough stretch of holes names after Narcissist Jack Nicklaus. Yeah I Said it…

This course is stunning, and tough, but falls right in line with the rest of the stops as a tough , water bound, Florida style course. Similar to Concession in toughness. With Sawgrass in our rear view, and a WGC on the horizon, this weeks field is well,,,,, still good, and fun, but not heavy doses of value and elite players.

For reference, Fowler, who cant get his head out of his own ass, is 8900. Plays well here, though, and a home course, along with Lee westwood, and many others who call Jupiter home. Write that down….

Worthy Notes- Lee westwood has been on fire, alot of speculation of a WD this week, but I dont see it, being he can sleep in his own bed, take a golfcart to work, and this tournament honestly may feel like an off week be it at his home track. I like westwood this week, but the loom and gloom will arrive sooner or later….. But in the mean time, ride it til the wheels fall off, he has seen it all around this course and knows where not to be…. Should be interesting to see if he can keep this up.

So far in the lines I have built, I have alot of exposure to Berger /IM Stacks, or taking one of them and paring with Niemann, and westy, This makes you have to go low to round out the builds, but I think the top 5 in pricing are legitimate best players in the field, and can all scrape up 100 points each if they all show up, IM the defending champion of this tournament, is the priciest, but berger and niemann can ball out this week off great florida runs, and overtake him, and allow for a little more grace in builds, but Squeeze them all in where you can.

Henley plays very well here, and Ranks 6th SG total all time here, 12th DK points all time.

Scott is the opposite, 12 SG all time, and 6th DK points.

Lowry is the sneaky play here- lowry is always low owned and has a Major under his belt, and secure OWGR. Here is a guy who can outright win, and be under 10% owned in any tournament. Seems the tougher the course, the better he plays. I like lowry this week, and he ranks 9th all time DK points at this course.

Tringale-Kirk-Fowler- in that order of ranking, Rickie needs to win to make masters but man its been ugly lately. Kirk was a Ballstriking fene last week , and tringale has been playing pure golf. Rickie ranks #1 in DK points all time here…. but BEWARE

Ghim—->Poston Im all in on… and love all these guys, ALOT

Wyndham Clark- 5th All time DK points 7th Alltime SG total

Luke List – seems undervalued , good stats across the board here at PGA National

Michael thompson- top 40 numbers across the board here.

KH LEE—-> Jones—- all undervalued in my opinion, based on recent history and stats this little sector could be quite juicy and ripe for the picking. Load all these guys into variations with guys up top…… PHIL WEEK

SABS & Mcnealy- both top 20 DK points and SG on this course write that down

long/taylor- cut makers extreme value

Rodgers—> Malnati alot of green boxes pers FNGC, great low end plays furyk should be a lock in every lineup, green across the board all time….

Schwartzel- 9th SG all time – 3rd DK points all time!!!!! 6800!

Harrington—- i cant beleieve Im saying this but jesus , harrington…. I have 3 of them so far! COME JOIN ME! 12 Sg approach all time here, and has over 28 rounds of golf in this tounrament ! WHAT IS GOING ON!!!

Darts below 6800-

STRAKA- alot of shots here at PGA National come from 175-200 yards, the most on tour actually…… Who is the best at that down here MF STRAKA BABY!

Lashley-Schenk-CINK-STALLINGS-Mcdowell-CT PAN-HERMAN-Villegas-Donald

Home course for Donald as well…..

Heart Picks- Brammlett/Chase Koepka Make a few just for me ,,,,, JOIN ME….. SHALL YOU?!?

Core 4 –





I know I may kick my self in the ass for this But I want us to be different and make this pivot play work this week…. Like myself, I levitated to berger IM, and Im ok with you utlizing that tactic, but in bigger GPPS im leaning this combo.

That leaves 7500 to play with, if you want to go balanced , rail that 8k range, with the pool I mentioned earlier, and that should suit you just fine. It may pay off this week as a blanced build, but I like to be top heavy when the outright talent is also top heavy.

Good luck !!

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