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Farmers Insurance- Notes , Core

Ahh Torrey Pines, some great moments have been played out over the years, whether its tiger battling on one leg and winning, Rahms great 45 ft putt to win, classic holes, and shots for years and years. I really love it, and boy is it a long course.

The Players will be playing the north course, on Thurs/Friday, and the Championship south course for the weekend. Really cool layout, that I really enjoy.

Putting is important, but not THE most important thing when it comes to Torrey with the length it portrays. Pure Cali Golf here at Torrey Pines

This week-

Top 65 and ties make the cut

Past winners Marc Leishman -15 (2020)

Justin Rose -21 (2019)

Jason Day -10 (2018)

Jon Rahm -13 (2017)

Brandt Snedeker -6 (2016)

You know we have been pounding the drum for Si woo and Cam Davis, and it was so nice to si our boy take it home last week, hopefully if you read these dam things you played him and Davis.

But if you didnt, you missed out on SIWOo, but lets keeo hammering Cam Davis, the price is still right, and honestly he is champing at the bit, and primed to win soon. and has serious firepower to do it at Torrey. So Im riding the wave.

If you watched Rory Last week, boy …. oh boy … the game looked really really sharp over on the Euro Tour. And I believe you can get serious low ownership this week before he gets back to craziness as we get into the heart of the season. I like RORS this week, T3 T5 last two starts here.

At Torrey Pines all time, it is interesting to look and see who thrives here, and some names popped when It came to SG Total – all time











Notables- JB Holmes- Scott- Reed

Some true value there at the top, and some serious considerations throughtout this list. For me , Snedeker, Phil, Bubba stand out the most as pure winners at value.

When it comes to DK Points overall – all time the names pivot and change to create a great player pool across the value boards.











Notables- Gooch – Straka- reed

Notice anything there? Alot of names bouncing on both lists…. AKA ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK!!!!

One thing notable about Bubba- all time he leads the field at Torrey and ranks #1 in T2G-BS-OTT which is huge, he struggles comparatively in SG/Putting, but on a course he has gone T6 last year, I think he knows how to putt here…..

Elite Rankings






Darts for value

Tway- Never finished worse than 40th last 5 starts


Kang- 16/20/69 past 3 finishes

Streb- mc last year, before that 4 made cuts in a row







Sidenote- I always play Phil in California and classic events. I cant get it out of me and is a very bad habit. But im rolling tide again…. i mean…. how do you not? Seriously if you know how not to play him, please message me….. along with Brooks…. Lord god , please send help..

With all of this being said, I am going to lean towards and Balanced bomers build this week for DFS DK>…. I want some dam 6/6’s and We are going to do it this week.

To do so, think of it this way, lets build lineups with 6 legitimate can win golfers….. and we can do it this week with pricing the way it is….

Lock in Adam Scott, his elite play is still unvarnished even through last year, and Leader in DK points here overall, at 8300 is a slam dunk for a cut maker and possible winner.

Then , SOMEONE HAND ME THE SLEDGEHAMMER< WE ARE DOING IT AGAIN< CAM DAVIS!!!!!!!!! Look guys, he is bombing it and playing so dam well lately, and STILL in the 7k range, high end, but still 7k, this is the week… Can you feel it?

Leaves us – 8450 to play with here…..

Well technically, he doesnt qualify for a bomber, but I feel silly not putting this guy into a core this week, with the past five finishes of 3-62-45-9-win, at 7k, Im locking snedeker in here. He is a vet who will make the cut for us, and have a legitimate chance to win. Not the sexiest play, until he gets us a top 15 for 7k.

And lastly- I was torn between Bubba, and Rory here, so you can go either way, but after watching last week, Im rolling with Rors. If you didnt watch last week, everything was clicking, and in great form. Stripe show off the tee, and in contention on Sunday. I think he has a really great vibe coming into the week, and establishing his self for the big season ahead. And I think ownership will be saucy, and remember, you want to be on him now, not next tournie when everyone else will be.

Leaves you 7900 to roll with, go balanced there with a woodland OOSTY, woodland / fowler, or pay up pay down and grab some value listed above.

Yes, to all my fellow readers, I will have some Brooksie poo this week, Not oversaturating my self in the Brooks love, but man at that value, he definitely qualifies for a balanced bomber…. If you start build with him and bubba, you can really build some sex appeal, Brooks/Scott as well…. take a peak….. because you all know one thing, when brooks is on, there is no overtaking him in tournaments…. FACTS>>>>>>.

If you need me, I think I pulled my Finau, over the weekend. Dr. REED said I need to spend more time away from my Palmers. Thinking out loud, it may just be my MICKELSON acting up again. But dont worry, Id never TWAY anything i didnt mean. HICKOK, dammit I think i have the hiccups again…. Im just going to Laird around a but, and touch up some Howells.

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