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CORE 4 Pivot to Write up

Some of you may not be on board with the Bryson/Cantlay Stack , So listen up, heres your more balanced approach to a core play this week.

I have been playing with this, and have found the best Stats and DK points guys that we can squeeze into a lineup and still be able to play with the remaining two spots.

I came up with

Burns- I like burns this week, and everyone is over him, im going back to the well, He is 13th DK points past 3 months , and 12 SG total. A solid play and has been playing since wrap around season started.

Davis- #1 DK points at a lower price than last week, GIDDY TF UP BOYS, hes hot , and ripe for a win! 3rd SG total, and his worst stat is around the greens and thats 58th!

Morikawa- 3rd SG Total 2nd in DK Points- arguably the best in the field at 9800, and a great pivot off the top priced guys and an absolute cutmaker. dont look for a flashy first round, let him knock the rust off and rock and roll. Oh, and he lives in vegas. DUH

Si WOO- rounds us out here, severely underpriced for a guy who can win, and score DK Points, hes 3rd in DK Points and has greenlights all around him in all other categories of stats. LIGHT IT UP SI WOO

So that leaves us with a balance of $8,550 which is a bit more normal for you if youve been reading my articles. you cant fit Bryson into this line, but my favorite fill out here to round out a solid core , would be McCarthy/Scheffler. Play with it, let me know if you find something that look sexy and share it to the Social Media Pages!


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