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I hope by this time you have made your pivots and re adjusted since you got the word and notifications that DJ is out. We really liked him this week. So the easy shift is JT, X , in that order , but I was building lines today in the .50 mini max, and staring getting good vibes on RORS.

Hear me out, honestly this is how I feel , Rors has that new dad energy, new perspective on life and actually loves something, golf can be fun again, and all else, on top of that…. he’s Rory freaking mcilroy. I’ve done a lot of scouring between sites and media platforms, and it seems that Rory is being severely over looked this week by many. With the obvious guys all round him, Rory could truly be that Pivot play needed here at the lowest ownership in the elite level up top on DK.

listen I know it hasn’t been pretty, so it’s ok to snag X JT and really stack and sack em, but don’t be afraid of sticking it to the GPP field, with some RORS.

and lets be honest, if you don’t think Brooks /Rory Stacks don’t look good, then why are you still reading this ?!

I like it and am running a train Of Rory, balanced and stars / scrubs , and even bit on the herminator/Duncan stack in a few.

Also found some AN, in the STEELE trap of CONNORS


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