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CJ CUP – PGA Slate

Ok, Im sorry for typos or brevity, Im sick as hell writing this, but have had time to feel this slate and tournament out… Here we go…

Course Record holder – DJ also now WORLD #1 He Shot a 66.

With Koepka in the field, all of the previous three winners are in the field, Koepka, and Justin Thomas winning it twice.

Shadow Creek –

Par 72

7,527 Yards


Some short par 5’s

But also tight fairways on Par 4’s right at 300 yard marks….

This Venue has only been seen by the public once, and that was for “The match Tiger V Phil” which was flipping awesome! Be Nice to see full TV coverage of a star studded event.

Now Listen, If you have been reading my write-ups now for some time, you know my love for Brooks, and can already sense where I’m going here, and heres the deal, It may be the cheapest we get him for a while, with Augusta right around the corner, etc, he seems to be trending very well health wise, but may need a week to knock the rust off like we have seen some guys post covid need. But I personally will be rolling the dice for super low ownership and knowing how good he truly is.

But , I’m ok if you sit this one out, and not want to set your dollar bills on fire, I see a lackluster Thursday and every round getting better from there, hes working out, playing golf, and been in Vegas for quite some time now, posting photos over the weekend, if you look at the box scores, its not pretty, but knowing the pain he was going through, and how he was still pretty dam good, makes me think good things going into the week. That’s it… I’m done with brooksie poo.

On to the field, It’s a pretty great one, and one where we see tremendous value once again, in a shorter smaller field, but its kind of tricky, when you think about a PGA tour event never playing here before, not any history to go off of, we just need to look at pure stats, and recent finishes to determine who we like this week. And cross that with, finding pure value I mean hey, at least the tournament last week was in Vegas right? At least we have that!

Starting up top 10k and up –

God I really hate rahm, I don’t enjoy watching him, but when he decides to go off, you severely regret fading him , but its also my favorite thing to do in DFS Golf, Out of my entries this week I will make sure I have 4 or 5 rahms just to cover myself in case he doesn’t show up like the jackass he is. 2nd in DK points past 3 months, its hard to fade….. But… Yeahhh….

DJ- Of all the notes I read, he is the course record holder, at 66, and now world golf #1, so you have to think this is one of the safest plays up top, #1 DK Points past 3 months, and seems like the whole game is ripe and ready for this season. His worst stat per FNGC- 18th Short game. Giddy up DJ. He ranks #1 in 5 categories of the stat lines….

JT- Im torn of who to have more of between DJ & JT, I think a mixed batch of these two super popular plays will suit you well this week, and cant go wrong with either.

Rory- Surprisingly, out of all these guys Rory will be the lowest owned, and great pivot to these guys up top. He hasn’t done much for people the past few months, but to me, should be in the conversation with these other guys. New dad, new motives, I really am going to be on rory all year this year, and see big things coming.

X- Whats not to love about Xander this week, dude is finally getting the DK Pricing he deserves, definitely your safest bet here for to be in contention, the only lacking item in Xanders statline, is on APP ranks 49th. He will need to tidy that up here at Shadow Creek to hang, luckily has some of the best short game around. True value. 6th in DK Points.

WOLFF- Boy wat a Saturday round last week for the wolffman , He really gave it a good run on Saturday and seems to finding desert golf to be a good fit, and love that he played last week. Ranked 3rd  in DK Points, and is really becoming a staple on the tour. Rounds out the golfers above 10k.

So If I Had to rank these plays 10k and above : Heres my rankings







And that will be My priority level to get these guys in your lineups.

9k Range

Cantlay played really well last week, and loves him some Desert golf, Stumbled on Sunday, and cost me money, but im jumping back on that train, under 10k seems like a steal.

Koepka- See above, or any other write up…. Low owned this week and can shock the golf world again…

Hatton- Big win last week in the BMW, played really well, can he go back to back ? Im willing to have a few, but don’t be astounded if hes mid pack after travel like that, and winners hangover… but also could bring those vibes with him.

Morikawa- Knocked the rust off last week, vegas native, Lock of the week for me at this value.

Finau- Coming off Covid- unsure of his regimen last week having to be quarantined, but im sure he will do fine, but LOVE all these other guys around him. Prove me wrong finau.

Berger- I Like berger this week and wont be mad if you got here, Statlines all put him in top 20.

Matsu- MC last week, but both rounds were in the 60’s maybe a low owned play that shines in the desert. Needs to make putts tho…

Fleetwood- Coming off two great finishes on EURO tour, game seems to be in the right spot, but I wont have a lot of him this week.

Hovland rounds out the 9k range. And I love hovland, Hasn’t played in a while, But I love the all around game this kids got. Statlines are all mid-range, but Im going tot ake a few stabs.

But heres where a lot of Sauce is to be had this week, Ill be quick-

Fitz- No Hes dead to me

Scheffler- giddy up

IM- Yes

English- YES

OOSTY- if you don’t play him you have sever mental issues

Garcia – Stmbled last Sunday after the big win, playing really good golf

Day – The last time he finished outside the top 100 he came back to two solid finishes

ANCER- Lost out last week after rallying hard, likes bent grass, this course is longer which may hurt him, but he is champing at the bit, for redemption this week. LOCK IT

FOWLER- boy oh boy, 8100 for fowler, I love, how me MC last week I don’t, he would have safely made the cut if he didn’t put 4 in the water , in a 3 hole stretch, Low owned this week, could rebound.

Casey- no

Todd- Yes, but with the caveat of not playing in a while , he may either need to knock the rust off, or has been working hard since last tournament. Ill definitely have some, but buyer beware.

Rose- safe option, and been putting very well. I have no problem with rose.

Woodland- Hes going to score you 80 points. It is what it is. Check the tape.

Value hunting- These are the guys I’m going to use to pay up top for gunslingers, and then have to dive down to make it work.






Cam Smith









These are the guys that Stand out, and feel comfortable playing down low, otherwise I think a balanced build will win this week with such value.

Core 4

Griffin- Knocked the rust off last week, ready to go

SI Woo- How is he so underpriced? Lock it in! and in a  featured group this week!

DJ- What more is there to say?

Ancer- Rebound from last week, it should have been his, putting looked great

Leaves you roughly 8500 to play with, and if you plop morikawa in there, you can run that down.

Favorite play – Koepka

Winner- ANCER

Guy I’m playing that no one else will- Griffin

Gut Check- My gut tells me morikawa will rebound, along with rickie, fit them in where you can

Heart Check- Really want Koepka to play well, But really I want 4 healthy rounds of golf under par

Fritelli/Hadwin Stacks

Higgs/Chubbard rebounds

Top 10 Lists to come


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