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Bermuda Breakdown

Hey Gang, So this week is a super week field, with crazy bonkers pricing, but honestly we can make this work. The core 4 crushed last week, and hope you rode that train to some money with Griffin and JT making the final pairing, and todd creeping , and English being English.

This week I personally and dialing it back, with my player pool, lobbies, and exposure this week. I will just be playing in the 1$ 20 entry max, and the 1$ single entry lobbies.

Weird right? I usually blast away, but with a weaker field and off style tournament, and the master creeping up on us, Im going to play it easy and blast away at the masters.

Port Royal, is a very special course, and gorgeous to watch, and cant wait to play it one day down in Bermuda. This is a pretty short course compared to a few of the last handful of tournaments, and the greens will be slower than what you have seen over the past few months. I have been doing alot of homework this week , and am a little delayed on content for you, but stay tuned to the page today, and I will give you all the info you need to make a core group, core plays, and player pool for the week.


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