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Best of 2020: Drivers off the deck

I love the Florida Swing, this year very bittersweet not being on the grounds especially with the WGC 10 minutes from my door, but this week another golf course I have been privileged to say that i have played, and experienced multiple tournaments at. BAY HILL. Stunning layout and design that will make you utilize every club in the bag.

Alot of course history as well here, Top 10 all time DK Points at bay hill include


Notabales- Mitchell-Reed-NA-Day

Out of that group- all those guys have played a minimum of 8 rounds here. Pretty solid, and can get around. Values there, are from Rory/Decham downwards.

SG total all time has a bit of a different list- but some align


Notables- Fowler-Rose-Grillo-ZJ-Wallace

Now – Lets look at past 3 months All courses top 10’s

DK Points last 3 months-


Notables- Jones- Billy HO- Oosty- Poston-Decham

Now, The lowest I feel good in going is matt wallace, a strong OWGR, for his price and course history here, and he is a lock for me, not only for a low owned play, but for a really damn good golfer. At 6900 and t24 and 6th place finish here, I really like his chances this week to supply great low owned value.

Viktor Hovland will probably win this thing, and would love to see it, he truly has been spectacular, and would have won last week if he didnt have a few arid shots, and lost balls. That snowman he took on saturday ruined his chances. Bounceback Hovland this week for the win.

Guys I am loaded up on this week- Down Low

BZ-Werenski-Wallace-Kirk-Mitchell-Kizzire-Mcnealy-Stenson-List-Kim-Poulter-Todd-Griffin DUH LOL all solid guys,

Mid & Up- Throwing darts at fowler, really good history here, and rose, again, even though he crushed me last week, and for that matter westwood again, im not coring them like last week, but would be silly not to have those guys somewhere in lines. Davis-Kisner-English, finally getting to pricing that we love, and cam davis is always a lock for me. STUD. Burns and Zaltoris have made a few as well, based solely on recent performances. Solid equity plays there, and potential winners. Molinari seems to be the chalk I dont want to eat this week, everyone and their sister is on them, and I just cant get there. I may eat these words, but I may win ! BEN AN BEN AN BEN AN, Poulter poulter, orlando resident, playing well, and great histroy with Ben an as well.

Oosty I love this week, seems that no course is ever too tough for him, and the tougher they are the better he shines. Low owned OOSty is always a great OOSTY. Not great course history here, but he does have a 28th…

Horschel played his balls off last week and came up short, but the game looks real real good. Worth a few shares

SMOKE IM IF YOU GOT IM 3rd 3rd last two times here…. write that down

Fitz plays really well here too! ton of top 10’s in 5 starts

Hatton – 100 points week

Reed- Always love me some reed, unless hes paried with rory, avg round when paired with rory, 72, write that down. Dude is a baller, and short game makes up when he is off, another one that should have had a podium last week and a couple stupid shots cost him.

Rory/Decham- Look I cant sit here and tell you not to go with these guys, but the balance you can get without them is sweet. But Rory is ELITE, and brysin is a major winner and can go low low at anytime. Dont ver count these two out, Gun to my head, Rory over Bryson , but not by much.






There was really a million ways to go this week, but I went with the safest and biggest upside balanced I could pull off. Wallace going to get us a top 25, Hovland going to win, Poulter going to give us a top 25, and Cam Davis for a top 10, and 8650 to play with , you can roll with it either way you wish. My favorite build after coring….



Both serious lineups!

ok real talk for a second, si woo, cam Davis, Todd, griffin. You guys know I love playing these guys week in and week out, and Hubbard is slowly making the list as well. I’m going to have a handful of lineups with all of these guys, especially with the value that we have set forth with them. Davis is due, and DK points off the charts, griffin is a top 30 golfer every week, Todd, well, it hasn’t been pretty but when he hits, you win lobbies. Si woo got us the win earlier in the year, and not great history here, but the swing is so pure and he is stunning for the price. The boys, always find a way in my heart, and gut. And always low owned unless it’s a crap field .


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