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Divisional Games 2 Day Slate – Research and Notes

NFL closing team facilities Monday and Tuesday amid coronavirus spike, holiday guests

This week is interesting, and I think core play will coincide with Matchups. But some matchups I find very interesting this week. For instance, Alot of people are saying Adams V Ramsey matchup for instance, that Adams is going to “Have his hands full” And quite truthfully I think its the other way around. I thinks Adams will out match Ramsey, But the thing that worries me about Ramsey, is the fact that he does not “Give Up ” the plays, he will take the PI call, before hey gives up the play. So what does that mean? Adams and Rodgers will have to beat him outright for it to happen. Which has been proven all year, that they are clicking on all cylinders.

So lets get into it, Rams V Packers

At green bay- no snow moderate winds 33 degrees.

I think Green Bay wins this matchup, but it will solely depend on what that Rams front seven accomplish. If they can rush Rodgers, and force the quick plays, Jones will have a day, just on PPR alone. I never doubt Rodgers, and neither should you, there is a reason these “legends” and the names in the playoffs YoY are the same….. The play I like most , that no one is talking about is Tonyon….. all this talk about adams / Ramsey , the last time they faced a really heavy D presence, Tonyon Scored 3 TDs. Supreme value. Jones may be my favorite play this week.

Rodgers – Jones – Tonyon – Adams – MVS-LAZARD

Fade Adams if you feel ramsey will truly shut him down.

Goff is playing, and the Rams will be them old selves this week. It was nice to some some grit from the pretty boy last week. But the Lock of the week is Akers. GB and their faults lie in stopping the run. And up the gut. Akers has seem to take over the lead role. But dont be shocked if he gets sniped on the goal line. Kupp DNP 3 days in a row, but doubt he misses a playoff game.


Ravens V Bills

In my heart Im pulling for the Ravens, due to my futures bet, but man, I really think the Bills pull this off. This is going to be an awesome matchup , and probably the best game of the week. The ravens proved they could shut something down on the opposing teams offense, and man they made Henry look like frank gore. Unreal. What do the ravens shut down this week? Allen, Diggs? I dont know if they can, Diggs seems to be THE GUY, and allen can maneuver pretty dam good and make something happen, Does that mean singletary takes over? He will have the bulk load this week with moss out and yeldon as his backup…. HMMMM

Ravens- Lamar is very special, and we know that , and its nice to see him rockin and rolling again this season, I think the Ravens stay run heavy if its close, so giddy up dobbins, but the target tree when passing is pretty streamlined. Andrews, brown. Both guys we love this week. But, if we look at the matchups, Boykin out matches the hell out of this bills D , in size speed, just like pittman did last week, and rivers took advantage of it. Sneaky good play , and one that Lamar can recognize if he didnt already. Andrews will be the endzone safety net.


Allen and the bills are charging, and have all of bills mafia behind them. Beasley is back, singletary the bulk load, and diggs crushing numbers even on a down week. WR rankings bills alone- Diggs/Beaskey/Brown. Singeltary intrugues me, if you think the ravens try to shut down one facet, it wouldnt be him…. to much other talent to worry about. When moss has been out Singletary has gone over 70% of snaps on offense sharing with yeldon.

Allen-Diggs-Singletary-beasley-brown dart throw

Browns V Chiefs –

This one will be quick and easy-

Browns need to attack via the backfield and their absolute studs. Chubb and hunt need to take this ball game over, if they are playing from behind, they still need to run routs and script for these gusy because although the chiefs D is underrated and good, opposing teams thrive on the backfield against them….. Im worried if the browns fall behind they will pivot to passing…. and that wont end well…. on the KC side…. we know where the ball is going, everything else… welll… is a guess, and anyone who tells you what the fuck sammy watkins will do, is a LIAR>>>>

Browns Chubb-Hunt-Landry-Hooper-Baker , thats the offense and players that will thrive on the browns this week, ranked in order. And in order for them to win this game. One flex on RB for DK is what I would do.

Chiefs- Listen , Mahomes- Kelce- Hill, are non matchup type players. And the browns dont have the personell, to match up. So fire away. In the backfield however, alot of q tags. Bell isnt bell, yet, maybe we havent seen everything he can do yet, but it hasnt been pretty CEH practiced today, so IDK what the hell to do there, but if CEH goes, expect low wonership and high upside. I like the value play… but its a dart. so beware.

Mahomes- Hill- Kelce CEH-BELL dart throw everything else is a guess…. LOL


The other side of my futures bet lies with the saints. Being a homer for tampa, I placed this well before tom was announced…. Yikes…. LOL, But listen im happy either way in this one. Throw away week 1, in the covid season, and focus on week 11. Gronk was bad against this #1 ranked TE D, and quite frankly, Brady couldnt handle the pass rush here, and was awful. But this bucs team will show up and be able to pivot to ease that. and AB Will help. Evans seems to be shut down every thime they play this divisional FOE. And well, ive watched enough bucs games to know that as well. ROJO and fournette make me want to throw up. Write that down.

Saints- Brees is the ultimate value this week, and priced way low, and allows for studs in your lines. Especially if you play tonyon. But in order for the saints to win, it will take BREES-Kamara-Thomas. Thats the core group there. Cook is hurting. I think Kamara thrives in this matchup, so be ready to try to squeeze them in.

Kamara-Brees-Thomas-sanders-cook if he goes.

Bucs- Primtetime tom, blockbuster matchup, I never doubted him in NE, im not doubting him here, the only one im doubting this week is Evans. Seems like the matchup never turns out well, but dammit hes so good! Is this the low owned evans week due to these facts…. IDK, i will take a few stabs, but for TB to keep up with the saints, I think godwin and brown step up here. I really like both of these guys, and cant trust the backfield here, If ROJO goes I will have some shares, but more than likely will share it with fournette. With all the other options in other games, I see this backfield as middle of the road in scoring, and the passing game getting the points with Brady.

More to come and final notes later.

Thanks for reading. Reach out anytime

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